We aim at producing well balanced, well rounded personalities who can make a difference to their world as adults. ‘Education’ is too broad, an all encompassing, umbrella word that can’t possibly be fettered within the confines of the four walls of a classroom. Unfortunately, today’s schooling is stifled with conformity, peripheral learning and mediocrity. Schooling cannot flourish with archaic practices; it has to evolve with the changing clime and challenges. Education, like life itself, is hard to structure and therefore we at The Ummed International School hope to create a flexible environment to maximize the learning experience.

Children hungrily devour information, have an insatiable appetite for more and are impatient for answers. They can’t wait for an answer and it is criminal not to entertain their queries. Thus, our endeavour shall be to be around the children and hand hold them through their experience at school.

In the age of crowded classrooms and burgeoning, mushrooming schools we hope to make a difference. We hope to make our presence felt in the clamour and din of so called ‘Education’.
It might seem absurd in the prosaic existence of our lives but we believe in the veracity of Poet W.B Yeat's statement, ‘Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire’.

BIS Group


Documents for Registration :

1. The following documents are to be submitted with the Registration Form
a. Registration Fee
b. Original Birth Certificate of the student along with a photocopy of the same. The original certificate will be returned after due verification. The birth certificate should be issued by the Municipal Corporation or any other competent authority. No request for change of Date of Birth shall be entertained under any circumstances by the school
c. Photocopy of the Mark Sheet of the last Exam taken.
d. One recent passport size coloured photograph of the child with a light background
2. After the registration, Admit Card for the Aptitude Assessment will be sent on the address mentioned in the Registration Form. Please ensure the communication address and the email address is clearly mentioned in the Registration Form.



1. Parents / Guardians are requested not to visit their child for a month immediately after the admission to help him settle down in the new environment. In case of any need, the House Master / Mistress will contact the Parent / Guardian directly.
2. Parents are requested to meet the House Master / Mistress before meeting the child on all visits to school.
3. Parents may visit the school and meet their child on PTMs (Parent - Teacher Meetings) once in a month on second / fourth Saturdays followed by a night out (Please refer to the school calendar posted on the website for PTMs. All second and fourth Saturdays are not PTM days). Students are expected to report back to the school after the night out at 06:00 pm
4. The night out is permitted only with the parents/grandparents.
5. Parents are requested not to visit the rooms of their children
6. No relative/friend is permitted to meet the children unless the school has a written permission from the parents for the same, with the clear photograph of the person whom the parents have entitled to meet their child.



Academics is the mainstay of the school. It is the pivot that holds everything else around it. Each day 4 ½ to 5 hours are structured and designed to impart the formal academic curriculum of the school. The Academic ethos at The Ummed International School is propelled by the idea to develop in our students a sense of imagination and creativity. We encourage the young students to think outside the box – tangentially and laterally. We understand the futility of being another run-of-the-mill school and therefore have made a conscious and deliberate attempt to steer away from it. We wish to create an experience that the child shall remember for the rest of his life with a sense of fulfilment and pride. A set of committed Facilitators understand the need of the young students and hand hold them through this experience. The students are encouraged to move beyond the classroom, explore the campus as a classroom, experiment with their environs around them and learn from this valuable interaction. Flip Classroom is encouraged to develop a sense of Self Learning, saving valuable time and providing an opportunity to the facilitators and educators to deliver more in the stipulated time.



The Cultural Activities are at the core of school life and The Ummed International School is no different. The rich and vibrant Cultural Programme of the school enables us to fulfil our objective of providing holistic education. Public Speaking, Story Telling, Dramatics, Debating, Western Music, Indian Music, Art and Craft, History, Geography and many other Societies have been formed keeping in mind the need to nurture future leaders.

While the Cultural Activities give the children confidence, they also help them explore different strata of their hearts and minds to find order and meaning in their tumultuous adolescent years. Such activities allow them to voice their views, however unorthodox. We attempt to churn something within, something that shakes and simmers and seethes inside, gestates and finally manifests itself in words, or mere cacophony, or may be a beat here, a flourish there.



Games and Sports are integral and indispensable to the curriculum at The Ummed International School. The Sports Programme endeavours to inculcate virtues in children that the School believes in. There is a dedicated slot planned for Fitness Training in the morning and other Sports Disciplines during the afternoon.

We believe that sports teach life skills and strengthen virtues that are imbibed elsewhere in the school, either in the classrooms or the boarding houses. It teaches collaborative teamwork, humility in victory and grace in defeat, to push to one’s limit, to believe in others, celebrate one another’s differences and above all inculcates leadership qualities that no classroom or boardroom can ever teach. These attributes and virtues are vital life skills for survival in today’s world.


The Ummed International School,
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